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4 x 4 Off Road Experience

Get out of the city for the day and enjoy a 4x4 challenge that will have you...
Price from £ 60.00
4 x 4 Off Road Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T07:40:57+02:00

Aqua Jet-pack Experience

Prepare yourself for one of the most special water actions you might have ever...
Price from £ 54.00
Aqua Jet-pack Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T19:47:26+02:00

Aquapark Entry

The largest aqua-park in the Baltic states. Spend 4 hrs in a great place for...
Price from £ 49.00
Aquapark Entry Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T22:32:56+02:00

Archery Experience

Enjoy this ancient sport with your mates. The aim is to get the best score by...
Price from £ 29.00
Archery Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T16:52:06+02:00

Beach Volleyball...

Book this day time activity and have the chance of a lifetime to play a game of...
Price from £ 20.00
Beach Volleyball Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T19:50:34+02:00

Beer Tasting In Irish Pub

We have arranged a reserved table at a city center Irish pub where you will...
Price from £ 20.00
Beer Tasting In Irish Pub Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T01:08:24+02:00

Bobsleigh: Summer

Experience an adrenaline rush like you never did before. Blast down on full...
Price from £ 36.00
Bobsleigh: Summer Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T03:59:15+02:00

Bobsleigh: Winter

Were you inspired by the recent Winter Olympics or just like the idea of...
Price from £ 60.00
Bobsleigh: Winter Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T11:51:32+02:00

Bobsleigh: Winter Soft...

This is a perfect option for those who have always wanted to experience the...
Price from £ 36.00
Bobsleigh: Winter Soft Sleigh Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T12:37:10+02:00

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Riga is the quintessential hurtling experience you will ever...
Price from £ 65.00
Bungee Jumping Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T12:00:58+02:00

Canoeing Experience

If you really want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Riga and be...
Price from £ 35.00
Canoeing Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T03:19:04+02:00

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of the most addictive activity that we offer. We...
Price from £ 37.00
Clay Pigeon Shooting Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T23:07:18+02:00

Curling Experience

We got an activity so sexy and different that its ideal for any good stag do....
Price from £ 35.00
Curling Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T11:11:18+02:00

Drift Taxi

This is the best fun you can have while in a car. Be driven around a track in a...
Price from £ 70.00
Drift Taxi Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T19:16:28+02:00

Escape Room

Do you want to earn some money while travelling?  Nice, because I have an...
Price from £ 20.00
Escape Room Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T09:02:04+02:00

Football: Outdoor Pitch...

There is nothing more exciting than playing a game with your mates even for...
Price from £ 15.00
Football: Outdoor Pitch Hire Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T09:47:03+02:00

Free Fall Simulator...

We have arranged a thrill seekers ideal event. This Free Fall Simulator...
Price from £ 40.00
Free Fall Simulator Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T06:45:42+02:00

Go Karting Indoor 10 min

What’s best to make your stag weekend one of the most memorable ...
Price from £ 25.00
Go Karting Indoor 10 min Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T13:44:32+02:00

Go Karting Indoor 20 min

Challenge your mates to a adrenaline fueled Indoor Go Karting race. Each driver...
Price from £ 38.00
Go Karting Indoor 20 min Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T04:39:54+02:00

Go Karting Outdoor...

If you were thinking that a stag weekend with a bit of Go-Karting thrown in...
Price from £ 38.00
Go Karting Outdoor Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T18:47:32+02:00

High Ropes Adventure

We got an adventure that will test your climbing skills and fear of heights....
Price from £ 30.00
High Ropes Adventure Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T20:40:53+02:00

Jurmala Beach Daytrip

Jurmala Beach offers a lot of attractive spots. By exploring the length of the...
Price from £ 11.00
Jurmala Beach Daytrip Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T23:09:42+02:00

Jurmala Beach: Segways

You can surely experience the utmost enjoyment Jumla Beach can offer to stag...
Price from £ 45.00
Jurmala Beach: Segways Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T17:31:23+02:00

Kidnap The Stag

What a story to tell! On the Stag's last night of 'freedom" he is arrested by...
Price from £ 24.00
Kidnap The Stag Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T03:09:22+02:00

Lazy Rafting Experience

The natural sceneries surrounding the Gauja River are really breathtaking and...
Price from £ 35.00
Lazy Rafting Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T15:36:21+02:00

Paintball 100: Indoor

Battle your way through an old soviet bunker with this 2 hour paintball game....
Price from £ 25.00
Paintball 100: Indoor Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T22:50:41+02:00

Paintball: Outdoor

Run around shooting your mates in a 90 min game of all action battle paint...
Price from £ 24.00
Paintball: Outdoor Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T09:01:32+02:00

Paintball: Outdoor 400

Run around shooting your mates with loads of paint (400 paintballs) in a 90 min...
Price from £ 35.00
Paintball: Outdoor 400 Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T16:33:34+02:00

Quad Biking

Race your mates on these nippy Suzuki quad bikes! Come on down to this brand...
Price from £ 36.00
Quad Biking Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T23:44:02+02:00

Riga Beer Bike

It's a 15 person beer-bike with 30 beer's on board, 1 hour tour around the Riga...
Price from £ 25.00
Riga Beer Bike Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T10:38:53+02:00

Riga Brewery Tour

A trip to the local brewery is something that you should not miss. Why not add...
Price from £ 23.00
Riga Brewery Tour Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T08:29:02+02:00

Riga Segway Tour

1 Hour Segway Hire in Riga. Experience Riga's Old Towns Streets riding a Segway...
Price from £ 35.00
Riga Segway Tour Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T17:36:22+02:00

Riga Walking Tour

Riga is considered by UNESCO as the capital of art-nouveau. Riga has a mix of...
Price from £ 13.00
Riga Walking Tour Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T16:37:42+02:00

Rock Climbing

Enjoy a day out where you will get a 2 hour indoor climbing introduction. This...
Price from £ 29.00
Rock Climbing Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T17:13:21+02:00

Shooting 2 guns

Ever wondered what it's like to shoot from real guns with real bullets? If you...
Price from £ 25.00
Shooting 2 guns Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T20:39:52+02:00

Shooting 4 Guns

Get ready to take aim at this explosive shooting challenge. You and your mates...
Price from £ 40.00
Shooting 4 Guns Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T22:39:40+02:00

Shooting 6 Guns

This is our top shooting package and we gurantee you will leave feeling like...
Price from £ 65.00
Shooting 6 Guns Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T04:33:10+02:00

Snowboarding or Skiing...

We may not have the Alps here in Riga but we can offer you a great day out on...
Price from £ 35.00
Snowboarding or Skiing Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T10:50:32+02:00

Snowmobile Safari

Snowmobile safari takes place in picturesque location near Riga. The group gets...
Price from £ 59.00
Snowmobile Safari Riga, Latvia 2019-02-26T20:42:36+02:00

Spa Hangover Recovery

So your on the stag do and all mates have drunk all they can and now you just...
Price from £ 49.00
Spa Hangover Recovery Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T03:21:43+02:00

Ten Pin Bowling

Start your evening out at the bowling hall. We have included 1 game of ten pin...
Price from £ 20.00
Ten Pin Bowling Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T09:02:54+02:00

Yacht Hire: Strip

Are you looking for the ultimate stag activity? Why not sail away on a 50 ft...
Price from £ 59.00
Yacht Hire: Strip Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T10:13:05+02:00

Zorb Football

Zorb football is not your typical football game. This is has a fun twist that...
Price from £ 35.00
Zorb Football Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T12:40:26+02:00

Zorbing Experience

Recall the childhood sentiments of free falling from the hill. Rolling and...
Price from £ 35.00
Zorbing Experience Riga, Latvia 2019-02-27T06:25:35+02:00

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